Plough & Stars Project - 10 acres for lease - Townshend, VT

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Simpson Brook Road, Townshend, Vermont

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  • Shallow well or spring reservoir

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Multiple gravity fed springs. One available just above pasture, the other in woods

Barns, sheds or other structures

None available

Farm infrastructure details

Open to partnering on fencing/barns with the right partner/vision...

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details

None at the current time. Open to small some tiny home/yurt solution.

Equipment and machinery

None available

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  • Property for lease
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Property for lease

Initially a 1 year agreement. Then a 3-year rolling lease. At the end of each year, if the arrangement suits everyone the lease term will push forward for another 3 years.

Additional Information

~10 acres of gently sloping pasture available for lease. The land has been opened up over the last 40 years and grass is well established. We are eager to put it to good use, feeding livestock, building soil and the supporting the livelihood of local farmers. We are former CSA veggie farmers and began stewarding this property as a family venture in 2022. We currently operate at a homestead scale but we’re steadily establishing our agricultural systems and excited to build the community this land can support. You can learn more at We currently serve a tight-knit CSA of 75 families in the Boston area which is a ready-made outlet for any meat/fiber/etc. you produce.

There are currently no structures for animal habitation or fencing. But if we find the right partner, we are happy to help build out that infrastructure. A rotational grazing system for a beef heard and/or sheep feels like the best fit. Forest pastured pigs are also an option. We have experience with all and would hope to be considered partners in your venture as needed and to whatever degree we’re able.

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