Poulin Farm • 15 acre vegetable farm for lease • Cornville, ME (Somerset County)

Posted on June 17, 2022Last updated 2 weeks ago

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1112 Beckwith Road • Cornville, ME 04976

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Drilled well

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None available

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Additional Information


We have been a successful vegetable farm for over 20 years and would like to see this farm continue to be successful.  Looking for an energetic, organized, business minded farmer to come and help take on our guided farming operation to keep the store accounts filled.  Some interaction with the landowner will continue in the beginning to oversee the operation and sales. 

Housing opportunities available in nearby towns such as Skowhegan, Waterville and others.

Equipment available for use: Corn Planter, Harrow, Plow, Roto-tiller, Sprayer, Plastic Layer, Water Wagon, Frail Chopper, Potato Hiller. 

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