Sander Lou Farm • 310 Organic Acres for sale, with House • Leeds (Androscoggin County), ME

Posted on May 22, 2020Last updated 5 months ago

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Land trust or other conservation organization

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177 North Road • Leeds, ME 04263

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Property for sale

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This is a typical Maine farmhouse, and was built in 1916. It is heated with baseboard hot water/oil (relatively new furnace), in reasonable condition, is well maintained, though many updates are needed. It has 4 bedrooms and one bath. It has ~1900 s.f. of living space. The house is connected by a shed to the barns.

The farm will be sold subject to a permanent agricultural conservation easement to be held by Maine Farmland Trust. Agricultural activities must align with Maine best management practices. Terms of easement require all fields presently opened to be kept open, even if not being actively farmed.  A Forest Management Plan must be developed by new owner for timber harvest over 20 cords annually. The forester must certify that the FMP meets the requirements of the conservation easement. It will be reviewed and approved by MFT, and must be adhered to by landowner. Part of the requirement for selling this farm will be that any interested buyer must submit a business plan as well as a farming plan for the property to MFT. The format required for this submission will be part of the information packet MFT can send to potential buyers when requested.

Sander-Lou Farm operated as a dairy for many years. As a dairy, the ample fields produced both corn and hay for the herd, as well as provided good pasture. The farm could certainly have dairy as a component of its operations in the future, but it could also easily become a much more diversified farm. Sander-Lou Farm lends itself well to having some component of a livestock operation as part of a farming plan. The farm could be built around dairy and include value-added products from cow, sheep, goat dairy operations. Although pasture and hay fields are the main components of the open acreage of the farm, corn has also been grown for animal feed. The fields that have supported corn production could also be converted to other vegetable cropping. The farm could work well for beef, hogs and poultry as there is enough barn space for multiple operations. The layout of the land could also allow for partial organic and partial conventional farming if that is desired.

The approximately 212 acres of woods must be managed under an approved Forest Management Plan submitted from the new landowner to MFT, and will likely serve as an income producer for the next generation of farmers on the property.

At the time of purchase, the buyers will enter into a contract to sell a permanent agricultural conservation easement that will be funded through both MFT and the USDA, so the easement language will be based on the USDA template. The basic tenets of the easement are designed to enforce good management practices for both agricultural and woodland operations, as well as to support the farming operation so that it can thrive economically in today's world.

Anyone who is interested in this property can request a packet of information to review that will include maps of the property, the easement template and additional details. It will also include the application form that must be filled out completely and submitted to MFT staff for consideration with a due date of Friday, June 5, 2020.

MFT does not offer a loan program to purchase farms, so it will be up to the potential purchaser to apply for a loan to do that. As the turn-around time to purchase this farm will be short, it is recommended that any potential buyer be in touch with his/her lender prior to submitting the application to purchase the farm.


Due to the statewide restrictions set in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to the farm must be scheduled with Maine Farmland Trust's contact. Strict social distancing measures, as well as masks and gloves will be required when prospective buyers visit the farm and enter any of the buildings—barns and sheds included.

Priced at $424,000

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