Spotted Soul Farm • 70 acres for lease • Norway (Oxford County), ME

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273 Dunn Road, Norway, ME 04268

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Property for lease

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Moved up here from Boston in 2020 and slowly converting over to country life - I'm a small business financial consultant by day, dog musher by passion and hoping to expand into small scale, responsible farmer / protector of the land.
This would be a unique situation - looking for someone who might want to use the land to set up a small scale whatever in exchange for teaching me along the way. Various options for financial structure - open to ideas. Thinking of mushrooms (via log cultivation?), anything that uses woodland products (ie white pine salve, birch art, fir boughs for holidays?). For the fields - thinking cut flowers, herbs.... bees maybe? Open to goats, etc but probably not a great place for chickens because of my dogs. Something fairly light on infrastructure would be ideal for this year and then assistance with a plan for the upcoming years (as I apply for grants and so forth).  I have applied for a High Tunnel grant for next year so would love someone who has some experience or desire to learn with me & can assist either the planning or the cultivation (either paid or trade for growing space)
Open to ideas and partnership in various forms - open to allowing an RV or tiny home onsite or to financing a lite living structure like a yurt or something like that. Hoping someone might be up for a creative chat!

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