Springer Farm • 95 acre organic dairy for sale with house • Knox (Waldo County), ME

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700 Brooks Road, Knox, ME 04986

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Property for sale

Price for farm - $540,000
Price for farm and cows/milking equipment, etc. $628,000

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Current owner has held ownership since 1982, and being in the family since 1945. Starting milking cows in 1999 and went organic in 2003. Contract through Organic Valley, and that can be discussed with the owner. 

1984 home built
Large master bedroom with bathroom
2 bedrooms upstairs
Two heat pumps
Monitor and woodstove
on a slab 
two additions to the home in roughly 2004
3 wells on site - all drilled 

Barn built in 1996 and numerous expansions up until 2005; Metal roof 
24x30 Shop with electricity
110x60 cement manure pit with 7 foot walls. 

Owner would like to see the cows stay with the farm, milked organically, but is open to discussing other options.
Nearby rented land would potentially be available to the incoming farmer and the current owner is open to cutting the hay going forward if interested. 

Milking parlor has a double 5 Herring bone 
Automatic take offs
700 gallon milk tank
Variable speed vacuum pump
Tank compressor (8 years old) 

Price for farm - $540,000
Price for farm and cows/milking equipment, etc. $628,000  

FMI - please reach out to Maine FarmLink Coordinator at [email protected] 

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