Sunnywood Farm • 10 acres for sale • Waldo County, ME

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556 Waning Road, Unity, ME

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Ashley Messner - 508-612-0584
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Property for sale

Priced at $174,000

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This place, which we called Sunnywood, was run as a small farmstead and goat dairy. It was created along the model of the old-country family smallholding, with these intentions: "A smallholding is a resilient, diversified ecosystem of perennial polycultures that sustain without degrading. A smallholder's livestock animals live good lives. A smallholding sustains and cultivates life for its inhabitants and the surrounding community within which it is embedded. Smallholding means taking very good care of just a little corner of the world, in hopes that something of value will be left for our children and future generations." While we did not get the opportunity to see this through for very long, we created the infrastructure for the next caretakers to come in and cultivate this smallholding in the same spirit.

Cordwood house with 18"-thick walls on Frank-Lloyd-Wright style rubble-trench foundation, built in 2009. Masonry Heater (aka Russian Fireplace) burns 2 cords of wood a year; there is a direct-vent propane heater for shoulder seasons. Winter hot water runs off of the wood heater; summer hot water is propane.Two bedrooms, one bathroom with shower and compost toilet, graywater system. Solar voltaic electrical system runs lights, Internet/computers, refrigerator, water pump. 120'-deep drilled well, as well as 350-gal rainwater collection for livestock and/or crops. Five to six acres of pasture are enclosed and sectioned by hard stock-panel fencing---perfect for rotating grazing dairy goats or sheep. Primary barn has small goat-milking parlor.

Bunkhouse/apprentice cabin/rental cabin built in 2015, 12' x 24' with porch. Fully insulated with direct-vent propane heater. Grid-tied electricity, compost toilet.

Priced at $174,000

Ashley Messner

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

The Masiello Group, Belfast, ME

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