Sunset Farm • 92 Acres for sale; Washington County, ME

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145 Johnson Road, Perry, ME 04667

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This farm had an active farm stand, and has supplied potatoes and tomatoes to local IGA and to food pantries. There are local farmers markets, and two state certified processing farms for chicken, turkey, and rabbits. 30 years ago it had a maple syrup operation with pancake Sunday. The trees are now huge. A new sugar house would have to be built. The woodlot was selective cut 6 years ago and two young groves of maple trees were thinned. They are not all sugar maples. The wells have never gone dry. There is a producing peach tree and a new peach tree that should bear this year. Also currant bushes and hop vines. The main garden is enclosed to keep deer out. There are at least 25 apple trees.

The house is on a dead end 1 mile road, with only 8 houses. No close neighbors. There is no traffic, and it is very quiet. There are a few children and some horses on this road. There are also a lot of wild animals and birds. This farm is open to hunting.

It is 5 minutes from the local post office, and farmers union grocery store, 5-10 minutes from a gas station, grammar school, lakes, and the ocean. A ten minute drive takes you to the pier to catch your winter supply of mackerel or watch the whales. It is 22 minutes to the nearest Walmart and traffic light. This area is a place to hunt, fish and forage for your canning and freezing.

This also means that jobs can be scarce. We are an active fishing community, and there is need for CNA's, EMT's, school bus drivers, teachers, carpenters, heating technicians and welders. We have a local community college with building trades, etc., a hospital and two small medical centers.

1840 renovated, comfortable farm house. New windows, pump, water heater, propane furnace, 11 kw generator. House has two rooms, kitchen, pantry, entry and bath downstairs. Three bedrooms, sewing room, and two storage areas, plus another bedroom or future bathroom upstairs. Cellar under half of house with insulated cold room with bins for potatoes, and wood storage for propane/wood furnace. The wood furnace in the basement keeps the house very warm. However the kitchen stove will have to be replaced and that heats the house from Sept. -Dec. and Mar. to mud. If you are able to cut your own wood, then the heat is basically free with propane and electric backup.

Equipment list: 1999 John Deere 4500 tractor 2238 hours, 12 attachments, dump trailer, small green house and supplies, compressors, 2 welders, tools, forge and anvil, maple syrup equipment + 2 tanks, cider press. Separate well and electrical at lower field. Many tools, fencing supplies, etc, to numerous to mention.

Priced at $185,000 includes all equipment

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