The Thompson House -2.5 acres for lease/other - Jackson, NH

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Private non-farming landowner


193 Main St. Jackson, NH

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  • Pond
  • Town/municipal water

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There was previously an field irrigation system; it has not been used in awhile so we are uncertain of the system's condition

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One tool shed is available
30' temperature controlled greenhouses

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None available

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Unfortunately, we are unable to offer housing at this time.

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Limited farming equipment available. We are willing to consider acquiring additional equipment if needed

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Other tenure arrangement

Ideally, we would like a farmer to work the land, and pay us in produce! A percentage of the harvest would go to the Thompson House Eatery, and the farmer would keep the remaining harvest!

Additional Information

The Thompson House is a combination homestead and restaurant located in Jackson, NH, and is owned and operated by the Fournier Family for the last 7 years! Jeff and Kate purchased the property in order to pursue their passion: serving amazing food made with local ingredients! In addition to their dedication to good food and hospitality, Kate and Jeff have cultivated a work climate that is wonderfully supportive and caring; all that being said, let's get to the farm itself!

The entire property is 4.8 acres, with 2.5 acres of farmable land. The main building is located at the front of the property and consists of the Fournier family's home and the restaurant; out behind the main building is the farmable land in addition to three temperature-controlled greenhouses, a flower garden, and a few tool sheds.

Our goal for the project is to revitalize the farm as a whole, and bring it back to being beautiful as well as functional! The land has been farmed in the past, but unfortunately it has been left unattended for some time. We are hoping to find a farmer who can revamp the land and grow amazing fruits, vegetables, flowers, everything!

We are offering an unorthodox style of lease; we are searching for a farmer who will take over the farm, but "rent" is paid in the form of produce. The farmer would "pay" us with part of the harvest, and he/she/they may do what they wish with the rest!  

If this sounds like your kind of farming project, please reach out to Erin, the General Manager, at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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