Two Loons Farm • 375-acre organic dairy for sale, with housing and barns • South China, ME (Kennebec County)

Posted on February 23, 2023Last updated 1 month ago

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407 Vassalboro Road, So. China, ME 04358

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This 375 acre organic dairy farm includes the herd of 45 jersey cows, contract and base increase with Organic Valley as well as the barn, milking parlor, equipment and land base to support cropping and pasture requirements. The farmers are open to owner financing, herd share or sale of the operation over a period of time in various configurations. 

The dairy barn and 70 acres are on one side of Route 32 and 28 acres on the other side. Approximately 65 acres is currently utilized as permanent pasture with fencing and lanes back to the barn. 150 acres of cropland for grain production. The farm also includes 100 +/- acres of forest including the acreage abutting China Lake. 

A 40’x300’ dairy barn has capacity for 80 milkers in the current free stall configuration. There is room for a new operator to change the layout to accommodate additional youngstock and heifers. A solar array offset’s the dairy’s electricity use and radiant solar heating in the milk parlor. 

The barn has a one-bedroom apartment above the milk room. This historically has been used as either employee or rental housing which is in demand for this area. 

An equipment shed has 1 bay for repairing equipment. The current owner would like to lease space in the building to continue maintaining cropping equipment. 

All necessary equipment for the dairy operation would be included in the sale; option to purchase additional equipment.

Pricing will be reflected upon the completion on an appraisal, set for end of March, 2023.

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