A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm • 30 acres for partnership • Oxford County, ME

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106 Black Mountain Road, Sumner, ME 04292

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Owners of a 32 acre diversified farm in the Western Mountains of Maine seek farmers eager to farm this property. The land and infrastructure has developed over the past 20 years and currently supports a flock of 20-30 sheep, a draft horse, and a few laying hens. Owners have developed profitable fiber, lamb and maple syrup enterprises. The owners plan to live on the property for the rest of their lives. The legal structure may become an LLC with multiple members. The owners plan to continue working cooperatively with the younger farmers for 8-10 years while they learn and expand the business. The owners are looking for those with farming experience, a strong commitment to sustainability, interest in permaculture and energy to grow the business enough to pay themselves.

The property is in Sumner, Maine, a small rural community approximately 30 minutes from Auburn, Lewiston, Norway, Bethel, Farmington and Rumford. The farm consists of 30 acres with 12 acres of fields and pastures. The rest is woods. Housing available here now is a cabin 22' x 22', off the grid, wood cook stove, at the edge of a back field. This rustic cabin has been lived in and enjoyed around all four seasons. We are open to the possibilities of adding a small solar electric option, composting toilet and gravity feed water. There also could be an option of rental property nearby; a pole barn, sugar house, and fiber building built in 2010. There is a vegetable garden, blueberries, apple trees and a dyers’ garden.

Owners have been selling at fiber events for 10 years. While continuing the fiber and maple syrup enterprises selected candidate(s) would be encouraged to build other related enterprises such as angora bunnies, pastured poultry or other compatible interest.

The successful candidate will first be a volunteer with a stipend for a trial period. When successful enough to increase profitability to pay themselves, the candidate will transition to be in a management role. The selected candidates could have housing options on the property.

Owners are seeking qualified applicants, individuals or a couple, with evidence that they are creative, flexible, collaborative, and committed to sustainable organic practices.

Qualifications: College degree preferred and passion for farming is essential. Farmers must be self-starters and take initiative, interact effectively with people and be able to adapt as circumstances require. Also they must have a positive attitude. We would prefer someone with previous financial and business success. We want the farm to continue as a sustainable farm for future generations.

Long Term Vision for A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm: (by 2030)

Maintain a balanced lifestyle that allows time for ourselves, our family and the farm, community, creativity, and occasional travel.

Maintain a community of people committed to sustainable and regenerative agricultural enterprises involving people of all ages and abilities interested in farming.

Resilience: Recognize the importance of strong local agriculture for a sustainable community. We have a future resource base that encourages others to start farming enterprises in Sumner.

Offer opportunities to WWOOFers on an ongoing basis. (see description on their website). Offer ongoing educational workshops including gatherings for all ages including knitting, spinning, weaving, fiber artists, and sheep farmers.

Offer weekend retreats including yarn and yoga, knitting, felting and agriculturally-based opportunities for outdoor thriving skills and hands on learning. Accommodations (Tesseract, Shed Chamber, (rustic) or camping.

Use renewable energy (solar, wood and horsepower) as primary energy sources on the farm and maintain safe and sustainable management of the land, water, and air. Includes solar electric, heat pump, passive solar and more.

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