Zeb's Cove • 9 acres for lease in Cape Elizabeth • Cumberland County, ME

Posted on April 15, 2020Last updated 1 week ago

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18 Old Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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We are a retired couple looking for long term farmer or farmers interested in small farm set up with some access to multipurpose , barn space , in exchange for yard/perennial garden & vegetable garden help (shared produce). We would like a farmer, who establishes a near-by place to live, and wants use of land and small farm structure, free of charge,  who is  interested in small scale production, as well as aesthetics of the land. This farm is appropriate for small animals, and small herds only. Animals such as sheep, rabbits, goats, possibly ducks, chickens, etc.  There is a winter pasture, with connection to 1-2 barn bays available,  (previously for small Nigerian goat dairy farm & SCA, 15 head). Alternative land use: We would be interesting in accommodating hoop or greenhouse construction on this property, without property charge, with some barn use for storage possible

Property is proximal to the greater Portland Market.  Ideal farmer for us, would have the  Elliot Coleman type approach to small scale cultivation or animal rotational grazing.  There are already permaculture berry beds in place, and land appropriate for more.  Though land is not officially certified organic, we request organic practices on this land. Land is a mix of open grazing/grass,  and conifer/mixed forest  with opportunities to create and tend extensive berry, or mushroom production, small vegetables and or fruit tree small scale production. 

Equipment available: rudimentary market gardening (wheel barrels, hand tools) etc. goat shelters, raised beds x 6, fencing, pasture fencing, use of barn space, warming light small seed starting area in basement with grow lights, Several small  animal pens & shelters available and, larger fenced-in winter pasture for example for a maximum  of 12-15 dwarf nigeran goats. One bay of  hayloft, no internal barn water or heat.  Access to a tractor share might be possible from compost operation on site. 

Historic Farm is walking distance to Cape Elizabeth town center, and proximity to both the active and supportive Cape Farm Alliance might be appealing. There is not housing on property, so at least, winter housing would be in the surrounding community or communities.   With passing of years, and getting to know owners, there could be a possibility of shared housing opportunity, with more caretaking involved in the future,  but not at the present time, or until parties know each other well.  

Strong opportunity for CSA opportunities in this supportive market, and 15 minutes from Portland's Farmers Market. Structures on property were built in the 1890s and are well maintained. At turn of previous century was a sheep farm, and low clearance in pens on side of barn make the portion available for animal husbandry appropriate for goats, and or sheep. Of note we are not interested in hosting pigs, in barn, and also not larger ungulates, due to the pens low ceiling height (6 feet).

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