Submit a Property

Before submitting a property, read how to use this site and tips for finding a farmer.

Please read through the How To Create Effective Online Property Postings guide to learn how to write a high quality posting for farm seekers.

This is how New England Farmland Finder works:

1.     After creating an online account with New England Farmland Finder, you fill out our posting form. 

2.     The property information you provide will be posted on New England Farmland Finder within a few days. The website administrator approves all postings to guard against inappropriate postings. 

3.     Your posting will remain on the site for 6 months. You will receive an automated notification when it is about to expire. You will have the option to renew the posting. 

4.     You may revise or delete the posting at any time by logging into your account and choosing to delete the posting.

5.     Seekers are able to search the postings based on the information you provide.

6.     Interested seekers will contact you through a secure, automated email to you. They will not see your name or email address.  If you wish your contact information to be made public, you may include it in the “customized description” box at the end of the form.

Please Note:  New England Farmland Finder does not publicly post your name or other contact information. Personal contact information is required only to verify the poster’s identity if necessary.