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Are you prepared to bring a farmer on your property? Do you have clear goals and expectations? Do you know your options for successful arrangements?

Get ready and get help. Explore these educational resources and services to make the most of your posting. You'll find information about describing your property, selecting a farmer and crafting a good agreement. 

How does New England Farmland Finder compare with farm link programs? Farm link programs provide other services and may display additional properties. You are encouraged to work with a farm link program. New England Farmland Finder is managed by a partnership of farm link programs called the New England Farmlink Collaborative. They designed this property clearinghouse to help make it easy for you to post properties, and to find and work with them.

Here is a list of New England Farmlink Collaborative programs:

Real estate agents:  Please post farm properties on New England Farmland Finder (using the "Proceed to Posting Form" button). Farm seeker inquiries will be directed to you if your contact is listed in the posting details. Please only post properties intended for farming.

Property owners:  If you are working with a real estate agent, encourage him or her to post your property here. This website does not take the place of a real estate professional. All inquiries will be directed to your real estate agent.

Click here for a list of services and organizations across New England that assist owners of farms and farmland.

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